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Holy Innocents public school is a daring venture of the St. Thomas province of the congregation of Oblates of St. joseph. The school was started in the year 2006 with the collaboration of OREMI- Asti, COR UNUM- Vatican and O.S.M- Rome. We, O .S. J. Fathers, believe that the essential need of our country is a community of persons with deep faith, sound knowledge, intellectual, emotional maturity and moral integrity becausepersons able and willing to render generous service to their fellowmen can build up a truly human society. It is therefore to the formation of such a community of persons with human and traditional values that we commit our educational institution. The motto of our School is “let Your Light Shine” and so the main objective of the school is to enlighten and enkindle the inner lights of each and every student.



Children are gift of God to mankind and a pride to the human race. Imbued with noteworthy qualities, suited to the changing needs and aspirations of our country. With head high up ready to take risks, face challenges in life and shoulder all responsibilities that come their way.


Holy Innocents Public School focuses on moulding young ones to be intellectually advanced, culturally refined and spiritually solid. ‘Every effort is made to make each child good and smart’ – good at heart with high moral values, etiquette and manners in thought and action.